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Research & Development

The Kojima Research Center develops fundamental and advanced technologies in response to ever-changing business environments and customer needs. Our aim is to keep applying our unique technologies to the production of products that make our customers happy and contribute to society.

1. CAE analysis

CAE analysis

Computer technology is used to simulate product design and construction in advance. Analyzing product deformation and stress in advance is used to find less expensive ways to produce the product.

2. Electromagnetic darkroom (vehicle testing)

Electromagnetic darkroom (vehicle testing)

This room has an electromagnetic shield performance in the 20 MHz to 4 GHz range and has a vehicle turntable at its center. The electromagnetic interference level can be measured and evaluated while the components are installed in the vehicle.

3. Electromagnetic darkroom (component testing)

Electromagnetic darkroom (component testing)

The darkroom is 8.5 m wide and 15.5 m high and handles a frequency range from 2 GHz to 100 GHz. It is used to evaluate antennas for intelligent transport systems (ITS).

4. Acoustic testing

Acoustic testing

This is used to analyze the sources of product noise and vibration.

5. Pulse testing

Pulse testing

This evaluates the flow and sound of air passing through the air intake system and is also used for research on making exhaust gas cleaner.

6. Wind tunnel testing

Wind tunnel testing

This small wind tunnel shows the flow of air around exterior components to find their optimal shape.

7. Impact testing

Impact testing

Here, safety components are evaluated and tested for the safety of vehicle passengers and pedestrians.

8. 3-axis vibration testing

3-axis vibration testing

Vibration evaluation and testing is conducted to determine product safety, reliability, and durability.

9. Durability testing

Durability testing

Various durability tests are conducted, including high-temperature tank tests and vibration testing.

10. X-ray analysis

X-ray analysis

Various analyses are performed on metal and solder elements for quality control.

11. Electrical wire analysis

Electrical wire analysis

Minute samples of a variety of materials, including plastic and metal, are analyzed to facilitate the development of new products by identifying materials and analyzing composition.

12. Gas chromatography

Gas chromatography

This is used to measure the environmental impact of the materials contained in our products, and to improve product quality.

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